Volunteers Needed

The Board can not do it alone. People must get involved in order to have a successful community. It does not take much time to make a big difference in what happens.

Please consider joining one of the follow committees

  1. Welcome Committee: This committee puts together information packets for the new residents.
  2. Architectural Committee: This committee looks over the plans residents submit when they want to make a change to the exterior of their homes, such as widening their drive ways, building a fence or adding an addition to the house.
  3. Chase Report Committee: This committee will put together a monthly news letter, letting the residents know of community events, HOA events and just general information.
  4. Event Committee: This committee will work on bringing the community together. Planning picnics, organizing block parties, coming up with contests, planning activities for the children.

The more people that get involved the less work one person has to do. Talk to your neighbors about joining a committee together. For more information on any of these committees or to sign up for one, please e-mail us here.